1) Sometimes I feel like people are so concerned with jumping to my defense that they miss what I’m actually saying. I’ve never been a damsel in distress. I don’t need to be rescued or pat on the head, guys, and you’d know that if you were really paying attention. 😔😞

2) Saying to a fat person something like, “you’re not fat! You’re sexy!” is the worst and most counterproductive thing you can do. That’s not a compliment. Fatness is not the inverse of pulchritude. Exchanging “fat” for words of vanity only strokes the ego of the speaker. You couldn’t be caught dead enjoying a fat person so you need to call it something else to settle your own stomach. Don’t project your shame onto someone who is happy. If a woman is pretty, the scale in her bathroom has nothing to do with that. 💁

3) …actually, that’s all. I just like odd numbers.

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